As I mentioned earlier, I’m having a weird moment with labels around “work.” Still, I like offering what I do out into the world: it feels important.

I’ve been contemplating lately if the work I have done and want to do has any common thread. At the moment, it is this: I am inspiring myself and those around me to be open to the presence of love. Given this orientation, there is a lot I do that I consider my work. I try to encapsulate that here.

facilitation ~ coaching ~ education

I lump these together because of the ways in which this work is similar, both in its labor and reward.

CONSTRUCTION ZONE: I got tired when working on this part, because there’s too much to say. For the moment, check out my coaching page.

I guess I also work as an organizer (one of many!) for stone soup. One of the most fulfilling things I’ve taken on in my adult life.


I’m relatively new to writing regularly, but I am proud of what I’ve been putting out there. Here are some places where you can check out my writing:


I have a pattern of initiating work with startup companies I find interesting as a software engineer. Invariably, I end up in roles outside of the ones I begin. Still, I enjoy unraveling complex puzzles in code and learning to find more elegant ways to communicate ideas, to other humans and to software systems.


Most of my film projects live in that dreaded purgatory: editing. Still, I feel excited to share this work in case it motivates me to keep pushing on video art — something I adore.