I put this site up for a few reasons: to make myself legible and understood to people who are curious, to find new potential collaborators and projects, to create a space for my thoughts and impulses so that they don’t just float into the ether.

It’s entirely possible this site will always be under construction. We are constantly shifting and re-orienting our position, interests, identity. I’m not exactly sure how I’d want the space to evolve over time, what kind of record I want to keep, or what its purpose is. For now, it’s designed and built in such a way that I can easily update it the moment I have an idea or impulse.

Webrings are super cool. One I really like is xiivv. If you want to make a webring together, send me an email.

The website is built using astro, which lets me write most of the content in markdown. Pretty cool. And it’s hosted on Vercel. I use the typeface Spectral everywhere, except with the marquee on now which uses CSS transforms on VT323.

In the process of making this website, I put together a moodboard of other sites I found interesting. As a result, I rediscovered webrings, consortiums of websites that all linked to one another. I'd love to make a webring with like-minded friends and anyone else who encounters this site. If you're interested, drop me an email !

Here is a sample of sites / homepages I find interesting or inspiring.