🌊 For those of us shapeshifters who struggled to feel at home in default’s reality, fluidity and performance became the tools with which we sought out belonging.

🧙🏾‍♂️ With time, our means of survival — these very tools — emerged as mechanisms of community, purpose, and action.

🦋 For a shapeshifter like me, each season brings a new arrival, a further becoming. I get in touch with the me of the radical™ now through my positionality with the land, through my gender, in response to my culture, and for my loved ones.

꩜ This site attempts to capture what is across all these incarnations of me.

☕︎ If you’re new, the best way to get to know me is to check out my personal principles.

I’m happiest acting as an agent on behalf of creativity, community, care, and cooperation.


(updated 2024-6-2)

  • embarking on a summer of travel! hit me up if you might be in new york, india, berlin, or romania between now and august
  • sharing more of my story on instagram. i’m not the biggest fan of meta but it does feel good to spark more dialogues with people, those i know and don’t know!
  • facilitating online workshops and creative spaces. come through!
  • discovering new joy in visual design
  • exploring where I can do performance art in everyday settings: parties, conferences, on weird internet spaces. primarily my aim with performance art is to invite folks to partake with me in playful and respectful disobedience
  • my word of 2024 is service: how can I play big in what I offer to the world?
  • perhaps my word of the summer is permission. I want my work to invite others into their own permission, by taking my own.