🌊 For those of us shapeshifters who struggled to feel at home in default’s reality, fluidity and performance became the tools with which we sought out belonging.

🧙🏾‍♂️ With time, our means of survival — these very tools — emerged as mechanisms of community, purpose, and action.

🦋 For a shapeshifter like me, each season brings a new arrival, a further becoming. I get in touch with the me of the radical™ now through my positionality with the land, through my gender, against my culture, and for my loved ones.

꩜ This site attempts to capture what is across all these incarnations of me.

☕︎ If you’re new, the best way to get to know me is to check out my personal principles.

I’m happiest acting as an agent on behalf of creativity, community, care, and cooperation.

Here are some labels to describe work that I’m drawn to:

creative coachexperience designer
arts educatorfacilitator and organizer

The label I like best is creature of connection.


(updated 2023-5-5)

  • investing energy towards my practice as a co-active coach and working towards a cpcc certification
  • gearing up for a season of creativity in between now and a grad program that starts in 2024
  • turning inward towards family, friends, and community overall. Relational work is my favorite work.
  • my word of 2023 is budget: I will be downsizing and prioritizing this year